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Flopped down on a blanket in the long grass with Mum while she cuddled her littlest one, we watched Dad and the other children laughing and jostling their way up the hill towards us, pulling the big red wagon behind. When they reached us, the eldest boy’s face turned mournful: “The handle came off.” “Sorry!” said Dad, but I just laughed – I knew the only reason this little boy was frowning was because playtime had come to an end.

I knew how he felt as we’d laughed for what felt like hours as the children raced up and down the grassy hill.  Alternately pulling then riding the wagon (with added sibling heckling) and screaming “Faster! Faster!” they ran that perilous line between hilarity and terror most children seem to revel in.

“I’m just glad you enjoyed yourselves, you’ll have to get your own wagon next!”, I smiled, slinging my camera bag into the wagon and preparing to set off home. Being part of this whirlwind family for an hour, hiding, seeking, and mostly giggling at their antics, I’d really enjoyed the morning. Now I just needed to make my way home so I could start to work on my ‘thank you’ – the gallery of moments I’d captured on camera while we’d played, for the family to treasure long after the long grass was mown.

Marie Donn Photography: Family Photographer Essex

I’m Marie, and I’m your family photographer. I’m very pleased to meet you!

I offer the kind of photography I’d love myself – relaxed, natural, fun, and designed to show you at your very best (because who isn’t a little unsure and self-conscious when the cameras come out – at least at first?).

Because you’re here, getting ready to book your very own family portrait session, I just know you’re the same – we’re going to get on famously! I can’t wait to meet you and add another playtime to my memories and yours, in Essex, London or maybe a little way beyond.testimonial 2

These days,  carving out time in your life to make memories may be getting harder.  I really believe that taking the time out, playing as a family, having fun and laughing so hard you can’t stand are some of the most priceless ways of living your life.

I consider Essex and London perfectly placed for every mood – be it noisy colour, urban grit, sea air and sand crunching between tiny toes as you stare out at expansive horizons, or the wave of long grass beneath our feet, as you dance with your children in fields of flowers. I love where you  live. This is my back garden, too.

I’m a mother to three young muses that you can see in some of my personal work here, and I enjoy basking in sunshine (especially the Mediterranean – YES, I will travel to meet you!), losing myself in books till my eyes dry out, singing (badly but proudly) and helping my own special little people grow happily together (with the occasional photo, because after all, it’s what I do!).

If you’d like to find out more about our perfect portrait playdate, please click through to find out more, or to contact me.

Marie Donn Photography: Family Photographer Essex and London
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