Happy Sunday! {Essex Family Photographer}

What? Is it Sunday already? Phew! Thought I’d managed to snooze the alarm clock (aka my two-year-old son) for a whole day there (maybe wishful thinking…) – anyhoo!

It’s not Sunday, it’s Saturday and I thought I’d pop into your blog feed with some behind the scenes snippetry to revive your fabulousness receptors in time for the summer, which promises to be BIG…


About Sundays then. Love ’em, hate ’em, just pray-it’s-my-turn-for-the-lie-in on them, I NEED you to go to my Facebook page and tune in. Why? Well, since the start of the year every week I’ve posted what I call the Sunday FB find, which is my time to share quirky little links I’ve found or fallen in love with on FB that week. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are useful, sometimes they are thought provoking – but I heartily recommend them all, so if you haven’t liked the FB page yet, this is your call to action! – consider yourselves called 🙂 Happy Sunday for tomorrow!

About businesses. I shop. Okay, so nowadays I furtively glance at geeky lenses and paraphernalia (but I neeeeeeeeed it, honest!) but there is always time in my life for shoes. And sparkles. And gorgeous upcycled clothing. And homewares to make me feel like I live in the Boden catalogue (rather than on the set of Outnumbered, or Family Guy). And crafts that just put the finishing touches on just about flipping everything.

You’ll also see those on the FB page, but also on here too. Why? Because I make friends with pretty much every family and business owner I meet in this job, and so if you find yourselves admiring the same gorgeousness then we’ve probably got a good thing going even before your session. Yay!

About this summer – whoa! This summer to me will be all about my eldest’s first summer camp in her first summer school break (the holiday price hikes – weep!), my littlest’s return to the swimming pool after his grommet operation, my husband’s new love of road cycling (never thought I’d see him in Lycra), weddings with the fabulous Eliza Claire among others (some weeks they are my only adult conversation, I’m sure!) and… what have I forgotten?


…meeting you of course! I’m looking forward to making lots more family friends this summer. It’s only summer number two for this little business, but I feel like a very lucky photographer to have so much support.

SO whether you’re visiting the Olympics (I live 30 mins away!), or making a day of it with the children while they are home from school, or planning a day out activity that I could review with you, or just being fabulous and capturing Summer 2012 for your memory books, I would LOVE to photograph your family!

I’m really looking forward to spending that time with you – and talking about those shoes…


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