Dear Beautiful Family

You met me at fields of purple, squinting slightly in the bright sunshine as you picked your way through the long grass. Looking slightly awestruck at first, all senses suddenly afire, you arrived and grinned as you surveyed our playground for the next few hours.


You held hands as you delicately picked your way up and down the rows, tiptoeing past tipsy bees, taking a smaller footstep here, a pause to excitedly announce a butterfly discovery there. Little hands in big, and big smiles all round.


We played, we laughed, we explored; and when things got a little warm and tiring you snuggled and rested awhile, lulled by the delicious perfumes.



You were a beautiful family that day, out to play. Thank you for letting me capture the beauty for you to take home.


For more images from this session you can read the family’s review on Lucy’s blog.

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Regular Facebook followers will have seen that a while back I posted a short slideshow of images from a set I captured for some photographer friends in Gidea Park, Essex. The subject was little Mia’s moving day from her very first home, and here is a tiny selection of the images for those of you who didn’t catch them before:

The feedback I have had since the slideshow was posted was amazing – as we know from our own move just over a year ago, leaving a child’s first home is a very emotional time and I had lots of comments that this is an event that people would really like to capture for their children when they move, or indeed when they have other milestones.

As you can see, it involves a more relaxed style of photography, more of a lifestyle or documentary approach than true portraiture, and the aim is for me to be unobtrusive and let the day pretty much unfold as it will, capturing all the hidden moments left behind.

It’s huge amounts of fun, actually!

If you are planning on moving home soon, or have another big family milestone you’d like to have documented, please get in touch – especially if your big event lends itself more to this documentary style. I’m looking for a few projects of this kind over the coming months, so please do get in touch and let’s see if I can help you to capture your memories in this way.

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