We’ve been watching. Waiting.

Every morning over the summer on the nursery run we’ve bid “Good Morning!” to the field; tilled earth replaced by tiny shoots of green… a sudden flourish of orange flowers… then, finally, they were here…

It cannot have escaped your notice that we’ve been invaded recently by small round objects in the run up to Hallowe’en… and as I promised when I last shot in pumpkin season (or just outside it, because we missed the PYO, boo), this year we made it. We had no excuse really, as Foxes Farm has grown a pumpkin patch just across the road from our home.

After all those months of anticipation, we chose a most unseasonal warm day to visit! This is how it turned out…

2016-10-19_0008 2016-10-19_0009 2016-10-19_0010 2016-10-19_0011 2016-10-19_0014 2016-10-19_0012 2016-10-19_0015 2016-10-19_0013

If you would like to visit, pop over to the Foxes Farm Facebook page to check out their latest opening in their two Essex sites (be quick!), and if you’d like your very own family pumpkin harvest experience captured please let me know (these fields look amazing in the waning afternoon golden light…).

All too soon we’ll be carving, lighting, and then saying “Goodbye Pumpkins!” as we take the misty school run trail. Till next year…

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Going through my images, ready to pack files away, dormouse-like, as the evenings begin to draw in, and the temperature slowly falls, I realised I hadn’t yet shared these from last autumn’s glorious workshop with Sarah Evans.

Family Photographer Essex and London

Finley, you encapsulate everything that’s perfect about this time of year.

Family Photographer Essex and London

It’s been another bobbly (less than bumpy, not quite smooth) year but thanks to the most wonderful clients this year I’m full of russet, coppery fire and loving the season. Join us…

Family Photographer Essex and London

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Come back into the fold

of our protective wings.

Let not your spirit be restless

for you are here with us.



We will always be

your ones on which to lean

your rocks, your number one fans.




We will always love you

And keep you safe from life’s hardships.

We will cushion your bumps

and tend to your scrapes.




We will guide you tenderly;

Your brilliant eyes

will always be our sun;

Share with us your heart, and we with you.




~ adapted from E M Pillari “To My Child”

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